IT Service Management
Consultancy and training within IT Service Management Processes, Integrated Service Management systems and people focused improvements such as change, culture management, processes and tools

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ITSM Service Management

ITSM / ITIL Processes / Maturity Assessments

Change and Transformation
As ITIL Expert qualified and experienced senior Service Management professionals, we have experience of leading change and transformation of teams in large and medium global organisations within banking, engineering, media and retail sectors delivering best practice.
Implement / Improve ITIL process
We have extensive experience in the implementation and improvement of processes at the required level of maturity. We are ideally suited to organisations that currently have a very low level of maturity or that are looking to implement ITIL based Processes.  
Maturity Assessments
We can perform maturity assessments followed by recommendations for how to get to the next level of your improvement journey.
Working Procedures (the bit that normally gets missed!)
We can help you develop high or low level working procedures and instructions (see also training below). Working procedures bring process into action and if trained and communicated correctly, they will ensure correct and consistent execution of your processes.
Working to understand your requirements, required outcomes or issues being faced in a collaborative way with a practical approach agreed by you.
IT Tools

Review, Design, Training 

ITSM Tools
There are many out there and they change continuously!
We can do a review of your process / tool alignment and identify areas for efficiencies.
We have specific expertise in ServiceNow process design, implementation and training.
We can develop and provide training for any IT Software or Toolsets as per your design and requirements.
Creating cost savings and efficiencies by implementing clear practical changes
Training and People change

From formal training sessions on tools and ITIL to bespoke workshops 

Bespoke Training
We can provide training of your tools, processes (such as Problem Root Cause workshops, role play) or working instructions. We can also provide advise on how to improve communications with Customers and End Users through reporting, or building communications plans and deveoping a Marketing mindset in IT! 
Team Culture/ Motivation
We can work alongside your IT staff to motivate and encourage new ways of working, helping unify global teams and work together more positively and efficiently.
Managers to Manage people
We can help to identify ways of improving the way IT staff are managed using structured approaches to help motivate staff and managers in your new world if your organisation are looking to change your leadership approach as part of moving to a more "collaborative" maturity level.
We can work with you on Job descriptions, objectives setting, understanding your team and it's attributes and strengths and how to use them.  Tips for improving focus where you want it and reward / recognition to enabling your managers to direct and drive the change positively taking people along the journey with them.
We can develop and carry out training programmes whether it be a specific product training programme or ITIL workshops.
Accredited ITIL Training frrom April 2016
​via Partner "ITPreneurs"
Customer and End User  Satisfaction

Improving your Customer / End user experience 

We dispel the myths of SLAs, they are not hard and we love them! SLA models that are written in plain business language and are meaningful to report on will help build a trusting relationship with your customer with which to build future improvements collaboratively.
We can identify reporting models to show the areas that you are doing great in (there is always something great IT are doing!) to your customers. IT are bad at selling themselves!
Customer Reporting and communications
We can help advise on improving customer communications such as via User Portal design, newsletters, forums and user groups, your 
Major Incident Management communications (one of our favourites)
Service Desk implementation and improvement is something we also have vast experience in and a passion for.
The support chain - OLAs and Supplier Management

Interfacing teams and performance

We can help you to implement
supplier management processes such as performance scoring and negotiate new/ improved SLAs with your suppliers to improve supplier performance. 
OLAs between your internal teams to help understand and improve the ways of working and improve delivery of your SLAs to your end users and/or customers.
Global and internal/external sourcing models
We can help you to embed new teams and processes and ways of working between teams. We have lots of experience working within Global Operational teams internal and external and understand the complex challenges this can bring.
Service Transition
We can advise on the best way to transition new teams, IT Services and Suppliers into your Operational teams.
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